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Monday, 1 April 2013

Procliviti launches the LinkedIn Workshop

LinkedIn is by the far the world’s largest online professional network, with users in over 200 countries and territories. To date, LinkedIn boasts more than 187 million members globally, including executives from every Fortune 500 company. There are an estimated 640 million professionals globally, and LinkedIn is focused on connecting them all. In South Africa, LinkedIn has passed the 2 million mark.
“Two million South Africa members is an important milestone for us. It shows that South African professionals have truly understood the career potential and the personal development possibilities at the core of the LinkedIn experience,” said Fredrik Bernsel, LinkedIn’s Commercial Director, Partnerships, EMEA.

What this workshop is about

A large majority of South Africans do not yet know how to use LinkedIn effectively. This 1-day workshop covers the depths of LinkedIn in order to unleash it’s full potential.
The workshop starts with LinkedIn’s position within Social Recruitment, a component within Social Media, and then proceeds to the basics of LinkedIn, as well as the advanced elements of LinkedIn. The workshop concludes with a practical 6-week implementation plan for getting to the most out of LinkedIn.

How you’ll benefit from this workshop

Attending this 1-day workshop will help you to understand how to leverage the world’s largest and fastest-growing professional network.
Individuals will learn:
  1. How to build and enhance your personal brand
  2. How to find a better job
  3. How to expand your professional network
  4. How to expand career opportunities
Companies will learn:
  1. How to build and enhance your corporate brand
  2. How to recruit the right people for the right job
  3. How to expand your professional network and company “following”
  4. How to expand business opportunities

Who should attend

Business Owners, Business Executives, HR and Recruitment Professionals, Sales and Marketing Professionals

LinkedIn South Africa – Fast Facts

The three biggest industries on LinkedIn in South Africa:
  • Information technology and services
  • Financial services
  • Accounting
The three companies with the most employees on LinkedIn in South Africa:
  • Absa
  • Eskom
  • Standard Bank Group
Top 3 Groups (by membership) on LinkedIn for South Africa:
  • South African Business Network
  • Johannesburg Business Club
  • South African Engineers and Expats

Workshop Outline

Session 1:
An introduction to Web 2.0 and Social Media
The new Social Recruiment Paradigm
LinkedIn, the company
Getting started with LinkedIn
Account Settings
The LinkedIn Profile
Recommendations and Endorsements
Session 2:
Using and Expanding Connections
Groups – Directory, Participation, Creating
Jobs – Finding, Posting, Managing
Inbox – Messages and Invitations
Companies – Search, Follow
News – LinkedIn Today, Signal
Skills & Expertise
Session 3:
Search: People, Jobs, Companies, Answers, Groups
Advanced Search: People, Jobs, Answers
Tools, Apps, and Mobile
LinkedIn Hacks and Tricks
LinkedIn Best Practices
Lead Generation and Conversion
Content Marketing
Session 4:
Job Seeker Premium
LinkedIn Premium
Talent Solutions
HR and Recruitment Focus
Sales and Marketing Focus
Advertising on LinkedIn
Strategy – How to get the most out of LinkedIn
Monitoring and Measurement
6-week Implementation Plan
Date: Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Time: 9am – 4pm
Venue: Ambassador Hotel, Bantry Bay, Cape Town (see http://ambassador-hotel.co.za/)
Trainer: Jamaaludeen Khan (click here for full bio)
Cost: R2,300 (Early bird fee R1,900 before 16 April 2013)
Included: Lunch and LinkedIn Resource Pack
Bookings: Click here to book, or Email info@procliviti.net, or call 076 604 2778

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