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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It amazes me when ideas you've once envisioned years ago in your head actually come to fruition. We can always expect radical 'disruptive' changes in technology that help us change the way we work ever more effectively & efficiently.
Years ago I, like many, envisioned that in the years to come, Desktop computers would soon fall away and become a thing of the past, just like how Walk-mans, Beta & VHS video machines slowly & inevitably became obsolete. New technologies like USB’s with built in operating systems, very little processing power & storage will be designed to solely to connect to powerful apps on the web & eliminate the need for the desktop PC.
Cloud computing solutions like Google Apps etc will soon become an essential new way and standard that individuals and businesses will work and operate. Can you imagine NO licencing fees for software! Imagine the huge benefit in cost savings in hardware, software as well as saving office space!
Dell Computers are doing just that, they’ve just announced that they working on a project called “Ophelia” that is “a complete, self-contained PC” that also happens to be as big as a USB thumb drive. 
But the killer feature of Ophelia is that it uses “virtual instances of operating systems running in the cloud” to give users access to “Windows, Mac OS, Google’s Chrome OS, Dell’s custom cloud solutions, Citrix cloud software, and even Google’s Chrome OS.” If you plug Ophelia into a flat-panel television, it will connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network and give you access to any type of operating system or app that is running virtually somewhere in the cloud. Users will slowly move away from Windows-based applications and toward Google Apps. Dell’s Ophelia would give users a wide choice of cloud-based apps from several different providers.


  1. Nothing new here. g.ho.st tried this as a desktop based service in 2006 and failed miserably. The consumer technology that seems new is just a raspberry pi on steroids. Businesses already have bitnami, EC2 and Azure virtual instances but the uptake of these in SA will be slow and is still be laboured by incoming legislation governing cloud computing services. The overall cloud services idea Dell is trying to "introduce" is already here. http://www.jolicloud.com/

    1. Appreciate the comment Zahir, jolicloud sounds like a fantastic OS. I will definitely source more info on this. As usual SA lags behind, we(www.procliviti.net)are striving to capitalise and be in a position on the 'Cloud' revolution when it does eventually take off here in SA.


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