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Friday, 19 October 2012

Company Culture

We at Procliviti recently started a project with a client incorporating several digital components: Website, Social Media, WebPR, etc. This company’s first interaction with us was a few months ago when we ran weekly sessions called Social Media 101. They were 1 (sometimes 2) hour sessions, and they were free. The aim was to educate people about the value of Social Media. The idea was founded upon a teaching from Chet Holmeswhich he called educational-based marketing. It works! It’s a Win-Win. Some of the companies we trained did not become clients, but we have built a good relationship and reputation with them, and that’s powerful. Other companies of course became clients and that’s even more wonderful.
As we were developing the strategy for this new client, we discovered their focus. It was not to win more clients. They were happy with the clients they had, and they actually wished for less clients. They wanted their digital strategy focused around two areas: building a reputable and distinguished brand, and communicating their company culture. I’d like to focus on the latter.
We have been destroying our planet (pollution, etc), we have been destroying our health (bad eating habits, etc), and we have been destroying our families (work stress, etc). We are rapidly trying to fix what we’ve broke. Interestingly, Anthony Robbins talks about a study that was done about people who died of heart attacks (yes, I know I’ve blogged about this before). The study showed that the common factor in patients that died from their very first heart attack was unhappiness in the workplace. This is really something to think about! I think every individual should ask himself / herself this question: Am I happy at work? Firstly, are we happy with the type of work we’re doing? Is it fulfilling? Does it fulfill our purpose? Then, are we happy in our work environment?
This is very important, and we’re all realising it. I picked up a photo of Pete Cashmore on Facebook the other day. He was showing a new treadmill desk at Mashable. Mashable is Social Media news website, and perhaps one day I’ll write a summary of their success, fascinating story. Pete didn’t have to share this photo. It has no intrinsic value to his business, or no impact on his bottom line. Why was he doing it?
I’d suggest he was doing it for the following reasons:
  1. Company culture is important, and Mashable wants to display it’s culture to the world
  2. Social Media is not about selling, only. Social Media is about personal and emotional interaction
  3. Pete Cashmore is a personal brand. Sharing such photos increases that brand and creates emotional attachment
I really recommend that companies – big and small – become personal, and use Social Media to communicate – and not only to sell and broadcast.

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