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Thursday, 20 September 2012


FACT: The Krugerrand is the most widely circulated gold coin in human history

In 1967 - The Krugerrand was worth R25
In 2011 - The Krugerrand was worth R10500

Thats a price appreciation of 41,900%

In 20 Years time we will look back and say that in 2011 - R10500 was a bargain.


Krugerrands have always been legal tender coins under South African legislation. They are minted by the South African Mint.

As legal tender coins, they do not need to be assayed or melted down upon resale – unlike many cast and minted gold bars.

In addition, because of its legal tender status, no VAT charge is payable on acquisition of Krugerrands. This allows investors to avoid a 14% surcharge usually levied on purchasing gold.

The SA Reserve Bank (SARB) underwrites this legal tender instrument, which means it can be returned to SARB for its full value for settlement in Rands.

• The Krugerrand is refined, minted & distributed by the Rand Refinery Limited, and is the sole agent on behalf of the SA Reserve Bank.
• SA Bullion holds a special dispensation of the SA Reserve Bank which provides a proprietary supply, preferential pricing and a guaranteed buyback to SA Bullion clients.

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  1. Anonymous11/16/2012

    Gold should end up on a high come 2013.