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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The game has changed – is your company ready?


Instead of investing millions in developing internal software or buying reams of storage space, today’s IT managers need to be thinking about how to cut infrastructure, how to look outside for cheap or free software solutions, and how to plug their companies into the new ICT grid that’s reshaping how business gets done.  People and Companies are now running software directly off the internet – you do this every time you use Google Docs

There are an infinite number of workplace applications, from sales lead management tools to tools for collaborating on projects, which can be run directly through your browser. All a company needs to have sophisticated IT infrastructure today is a really solid internet connection and computers that support web browsing.

This is an exciting time, particularly since the new IT universe means that the playing field is being levelled for smaller companies, who used to struggle to keep up with the big boys’ IT – it’s a positive development for entrepreneurs.  Google Docs can dramatically reduce many companies’ costs and staffing needs. Instead of buying a bunch of servers and hiring IT guys to look after them, companies can now just rely on Google’s massive infrastructure and run their own programmes as needed over the internet.

The game has changed – is your company ready? 
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