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Monday, 13 August 2012


As I have mentioned in my profile, I am a Director and Investor in Social Media Marketing company Procliviti. If you want an authentic and powerful online brand presence, Procliviti can help your business achieve that. As you may know Social Media is such a powerful medium for businesses to utilize in this new information economy, and now, more than ever before, Social Media is an important medium to build your Corporate Brand Identity online & connect your business with your client base.

Procliviti has extensive experience and expertise & has been involved in the implementation and development of various high-profile projects and brands. We have done work for clients as far as Spokane, Washington.

Social media is the equivalent for us to what tv was for marketers back in the 1960's. Its an integral part of how we market & do business today. To survive in business you can't expect to use yesterdays business methods to be in business tomorrow. Without Social Media your business may not be relavent in years to come. To raise your business profile significantly and connect with your client base, Procliviti's experienced team will strategically analyze the best ways to implement, improve & expose your business in the social media sphere.

Procliviti can offer you invaluable Insight, Training and Strategic Consulting products to your business. We also offer Online Video Production services and custom Brand Banner Ads to further maximise & enhance your business social presence. Kindly visit our website http://www.procliviti.net

In the ever-increasing age of Information Technology (IT), using social media for business has become a quintessential part of marketing products and services. According to an estimate, only a couple of popular social media sites have as much as 800 million users. Facebook alone has this many! So, you can imagine the extent to which you can reach customers in a quick and cost efficient manner through social media. I recently came across somebody that very beautifully compared social media with a shopping mall. A social media site is just like a virtual mall and if you are present in that mall with your products and services then obviously you are making your presence felt amongst your potential buyers.Here are nine reasons that highlight the importance of social media in promoting business:

1. Genuinity in Business

Consumers are quite aware and value conscious these days. Before purchasing anything, people like to do research online to find out the credentials of the business or product. Being present on social media sites gives the consumer reassurance that you are a genuine business and that you care enough about your brand to engage with people and let them know about you.

2. Interpersonal Relationships

Social media sites give your business an opportunity to connect with the customers on a one on one basis and get a feel of their needs and wants from their feedback. This is a very powerful tool when it comes to establishing your brand’s reputation amongst your customers.

3. Competition

Another important reason behind getting on social media is because your competition is using it to their advantage in the marketplace. By creating a presence on social media, you can edge out those who haven’t gotten on board yet and be on par with your competition with respect to Social Media Marketing. Again, it’s important for you to use social networking sites to establish a brand presence and allow potential customers to find you!

4. Word of Mouth Marketing

Any successful business has a tenet that it earns a huge customer base through verbal marketing. It’s like the snowball effect wherein one person uses, appreciates and recommends your brand to his friends and acquaintances. If your brand is on a social media site, than this satisfied customer can recommend your brand quickly to 1000’s of other people through the click of a button. Just imagine the extent of the reach these sites can give to you and your business.

5. Brand Transparency

Another great aspect of using social media sites is that it is a transparent means of communication. If someone likes your products they can share their feelings and if someone does not like it then they can also freely express their opinion. It provides transparency to the business and builds credentials among first time users that you are a transparent business.

6. Open Conversation

Social Media gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers directly. You can ask questions directly to them and get a feel about your brand image and their expectations of your brand. It gives you the opportunity to understand what needs to be improved and what needs to be improvised. Besides, open conversations give other people opportunity to join in and become your partners in communication. This certainly helps you promote your brand online.

7. More Visibility

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc have high page ranks. It means that when a new customer tries to find out about a product, they search for them on search engines and your page appears to them quickly. This gives you an opportunity to reach millions of people at the click of a button.

8. Customer Service Tool

When you connect with your audience directly, you actually create a gateway for online customer service. Your customers can give you feedback or suggestions as well as complain in the event of a problem. This way you and everyone else can see the problem and directly address it for all to see.

9. Brand Exposure

You can literally make your brand popular through social media sites. As more and more people get to know your brand, you get more and more opportunity to connect with people and establish your reputation amongst them.

There are many more benefits of using social media sites and it will be totally irrelevant to believe that social media sites are not required for business promotion in today’s era of computers and technology.

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