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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I started this blog to learn more about money, investing and business. My passions lie with Investing & business with both Local & International Financial markets. I first became interested in the stock market in 1999 after i completed Matric. I began monitoring the share price pages in the newspapers & as my interest grew I realised the financial reward potential that investing & trading could bring. In 2010 I founded Basheer Paleker Investments with its primary aim to trade Forex & buy good quality shares and equity in both public and private companies. 

At the end of my high school career, I decided to learn about money and finance.
I read many biographies, books and magazines and realized there are a few simple steps to actually getting wealthy and successful. The most important steps are - Getting started & getting into action.

For many years now i’ve made the decision to manage my finances better. My goal is to build as much passive income as possible from income generating assets and to live financially free by the time i’m 40 years old.

My formula : Wealth = Freedom =Time
With each Rand I save, I am buying myself freedomSince money has the ability to work in your place, the more of it you employ, the faster and larger it will grow. Along with more money comes more freedom - the freedom to stay home with your kids, the freedom to retire and travel around the world, or the freedom to quit your job. If you have any source of income, it is possible for you to start building wealth today. It may only be R5 or R10 at a time, but each of those investments is a stone in the foundation of your financial freedom. 

I notice when you hang around with winners then you begin to think like a winner.
Have you ever noticed that Millionaires surround themselves with other Millionaires? You become, more often than not, like the people you hang around with the most, its a very powerful Millionaire Secret.
Successful people want to surround themselves with winners.  They inspire each other, challenge one another, uplift and encourage everyone for the greater good of all.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was this,” To get what you want the fastest, surround yourself with the people who already have what you want”. This piece of advice has skyrocketed my investment success faster than anything yet.
What happens after consistently surrounding yourself with a community of winners is after a short time you begin to talk like them, you begin to act like them, and ultimately you begin to get the results that they get. This all comes down to the Law Of Attraction, like attracts like. If you want to be a Success, start to think, act, and do what Successful people do.

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