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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Thanks for visiting the Contrarian. 

I am an Entreprenuer, Investor & Forex Trader from Cape Town, South Africa. I am in my thirties, i work a steady job & recently started writing this blog to share valuable insights and opinions with regard to money & investing. Investing is my passion. This blog will touch on everything to do with personal finances, wealth creation, money saving tips, techniques, investment insights, random facts & perspectives on world economies with a main aim to share whatever i've learnt to help others achieve financial freedom and make good financial choices that impact our daily lifestyle.

In 2010 i founded Basheer Paleker Investments. It is the holding company used to trade Forex , invest in Shares and in sustainable profitable businesses with good growth prospects. I’ve formally studied Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Trading Strategies.  After reading about the success of world renowned value investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, I realized the financial reward that investing in the stock market could bring and tried to emulate their successes. My style is Value Investing (buying at discount to intrinsic value) but over the years I have aimed to integrate forex trading into my investment strategy.

I am also a partner of a company called Procliviti, a Social Media Marketing and Cloud Computing service company that provides several Training, Strategic Consulting products and Online Video Production services across the Web 2.0 environment.

I hope you'll benefit from the valuable resources & valuable investment tips that I share on this blog. Please note that nothing expressed in this blog should lead anyone to believe that I am dispensing any form of financial advice. I would also like to make it absolutely clear that this blog is merely my opinion on the subject matter. Please seek independent advice from someone more qualified than myself in these matters. I am not a qualified financial professional. This is a personal blog and most of the content here is based on personal experiences and opinions.

Everyday my learning continues – I don’t have all the answers.  However, the answers that have worked for me are here for you to explore.
I started this site so that I hope you learn something new or just get inspired to reach your own goals and in all of this, kindly share your thoughts with me and other readers through the comments form at the bottom of every post. I would love to learn from you as much as you do from me!

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